Hello, I'm Pradheep Raj.

Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France). Live in Boston. Love to design stylish, responsive, ergonomic web and iOS application.

Pradheep Raj

Own a master's degree in engineering from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France). Live in Boston. Working for Sanofi Genzyme as a solution leader for the ITS department. During my studies, focused on "Control & Command of built-in systems" and Management of Digital Business and Information Technologies.

Name: Pradheep RAJENDIRANE
Location: Boston (MA, USA)
Contact details: pradheep[at]di2pra.com

Boston (MA) november 2016 to present

Software Engineer at Sanofi Genzyme

While a software engineer for Sanofi within the ITS department, took part in the implementation of a BPM platform (Appian), which offers a new global project centric ordering system to manage compound and assay requests to scientists within Sanofi. Currently working on a mobility project to provide to scientists with an instrument scheduler application on iPad and iPhone. During this enriching experience acquired technical skills, non-technical skills (IT project management) and improved my English.

Las Vegas (NV) april 2016 to july 2016

Internship at UNLV

Three months internship at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. In the department of Transportation and Energy, worked on a computer science project for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department : an iOS citation & accident reporting application for iPad. During this short internship I have improved my English and acquired the basic skills of iOS development (Swift) and collaboration work.

Paris december 2013 to september 2016

Apprentice at Sanofi

Three years apprenticeship at Sanofi’s IT department. Worked on several IT projects for scientist in laboratory such as online cell line database, online instrument booking system, laboratory instrument data capture application. I have acquired new non-technical knowledge (communication) and strong technical skills related to web development (full stack). I also enjoyed working closely with scientists in laboratory and provide them with innovative solutions.

Nantes (France) september 2013 to september 2016

Master Degree from ecole centrale de Nantes

Ecole Centrale Nantes is a top french engineer school. Learned strong technical engineer skills and also communication, marketing and finance.

Paris september 2011 to june 2013

Classe préparatoire

"Classe préparatoire" is a two-year intensive program preparing for the national competitive exam for entry to engineering schools.












an iOS crash & citation reporting application

crash & citation reporting application

The project I participated in during my internship is called “Police Project” in reference to the LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department). The goal of this project was to provide to the police officers with an electronic crash & citation reporting application in order to avoid the use of papers and to save a considerable amount of time during this procedure. The application should be cross-platform.

The application should have the ability to draw the scene, to print citation in order to provide a paper version of the ticket to the driver, automatically fill up information about the driver with his ID card, automatically get the location with the GPS coordinates, pre-load insurance information from most common insurance companies and pre-load information for most common towing companies.

Reports are saved in a centralized database, and then used with a web application to make statistics and to analyze data. For instance, get relevant information such as number of accidents in the city, real-time accident heat maps, people involved in accidents.

In this project, I participated in the development of the iOS application which will enable police officers to make report with an iPad.


Swift .Net
cell line data manager

cell line data manager

This project is about a web application that handles the cell line bank of the Sanofi Oncology department in Paris, France. This application allows the bank administrator to add, remove, and edit cell lines and batches, as well as update the availability of these cell lines and batches. Users who want to order a cell line will use the application to check its availability and place an order.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript jQuery PHP
laboratory instrument scheduler

laboratory instrument scheduler

This project is about an online laboratory instrument booking system for Sanofi laboratories. With this web application, researchers are able to optimize their work time by booking instruments they are going to use during the week, therefore, also optimizing instrument usage.


HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript jQuery PHP